Youth Motivational Speakers Enjoy Lively Audiences

Youth Motivational Speakers

I realized something this past weekend that youth motivational speakers have always known.  Although most of my audiences are adults, I do speak for the occasional youth or teen audience as I did this past weekend at a Camp Enterprise event sponsored by a local Rotary Club.  What I noticed is that in terms of one of the main differences between all of the different age groups of audiences I have spoken to over the years, the youth groups are the quickest to be among the most lively and energetic audiences out there.

Most audiences no matter what age group are expected to start a bit quiet probably out of respect for an unknown speaker.  But the youth audiences are the quickest to lose their inhibitions and become vocal throughout the talk if that’s what youth motivational speakers want.  And in my case, this is exactly what I want out of an audience.

Youth Motivational Speakers Allow Audience Participation

Youth motivational speakers, which I can also label myself as from time to time, allow audience participation in a big way, unlike say teachers in a classroom.  We actually want a lot of noise when it calls for it.  We feel that the more participation there is from every kid in the audience, the more they will not only enjoy the talk, but will retain more of the concepts that we are trying to get across.

Older audiences tend to be more conservative especially with certain segments either by profession or even culture.  These audiences may need some more prompting and encouragement from the speaker but with the youth, it’s always a much easier thing to do.  Of course, this is not to say that high energy is not impossible with adult audiences.  Just look at some of the big sales meetings as sales motivational speakers whip up the frenzy with entire sales forces.

For myself, I won’t give up the adult audiences since they can relate well to me but I will certainly join the ranks of other youth motivational speakers to help make some positive impact to the teens as opportunities to do this come.

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