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definition of emotional intelligence
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Definition Of Emotion Intelligence

One of the hottest topics in corporate training is emotional intelligence, especially for managment levels.  There is good reason for this and you will see that this is an area that you should take interest in as well for your own success.  In a previous episode of Motivational WebTV, I talked about youth crime and violence as well as the connection with emotional intelligence.  In that video, I talked about how emotional intelligence is how we respond to things we can’t necessarily control.

In this new episode of Motivational WebTV, I offer another slightly different definition of emotional intelligence but has the same general idea.  I just use some more graphical terms to give a simply explanation of this interesting concept.

Emotional Intelligence Starts With Stimulus

It all starts with a stimulus which can be any event or experience that produces an emotion in you.  The emotion can be fear, anger, sadness or happiness as examples.  The thing to remember is that we all feel these emotions before we think about them.

That is, we feel before we think.  And then we do an action or give a response to this emotion.  So we feel, then we think and then we do an action.  A definition of emotional intelligence can be thought of as how efficient we are with this process.

In many instances of conflicts such as arguments, people end up doing an action before thinking.  Such actions are often stupid things they later regret.  So instead of thinking leading to an action, they reversed it.  They did the action without thinking.  This is low emotional intelligence.

A good example of low emotional intelligence is the Vancouver riots where rioters trashed businesses, looted them, turned cars over and set them on fire.  These hooligans were even willing to pose for photos and be in video.  Talk about stupidity!  All this for a hockey game that was lost.

Here’s the video;

Strive For High Definition Of Emotional Intelligence

So we should always try to strive for a high definition of emotional intelligence.   That is, we should always try to follow the sequence of feel, think and action whenever we have an emotion as a result of a stimulus.

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  • Dolgov84

    nice video. Clint, what about videos how to become a nicer person, likable, appealing… How to interview for a graduate school for example) thank you

  • Thanks for watching. Those are great ideas for future videos. In the meantime, you can’t go wrong with the golden rule – treat others as you would want yourself treated. As for interviews, best to ask others who have already been successful with those specific routes.

  • Billyhall1

    Dear Clint,
    I think that you should check out the book titled _A New Guide by Albert Ellis_ in which he explains that first we have the belief and then the reaction and then the action. The change may occure in the belief system first. It has helped me tremendously. Please investigate and give it a try.

    I follow you Clint and love you for helping me. Your friend, Billy Hall, Cookville, Tx. U.S.A.

  • Thanks for the recommendation Billy, as well as your continued support. Please share anything you see here with others that you feel would be of some value to them.