Martial Arts World Champion Speaks Out Against Youth Violence In Motivation Video – WebTV #34

Speaking Out Against Youth Violence And Crime In Motivation Video

I’m sure that in most urban communities around the world, the issue of youth violence and crime is something that comes up quite frequently.  Unfortunately, there are still too many areas where residents are scared of neighbourhood gangs whose activities often result in lives lost.  One thing I like about having a blog and online motivation video show is that I can speak my mind about any topic I want without being censored.  I along with many people I’m sure, don’t like what I see and hear sometimes in the evening TV news when people’s lives are cut short because of senseless youth violence and crime.

As a martial arts world champion participating in an activity that many folks out there consider just fighting and violent, I feel that I need to voice out my position and speak out against youth violence and crime.  For those who know something about the true essence of martial arts, you know that martial arts is not about violence and is about personal development and control.

Link Emotional Intelligence To Youth Violence

I link emotional intelligence, or more accurately, the lack of emotional intelligence training in our youth, to the problems of youth crime we see in today’s major cities including Toronto, the biggest city in Canada.  I’m sure that my friends in the US who live in major cities can identify with me on this as well as those from perhaps other metropolitan centres around the world where there are problem areas.

I felt that my Motivational WebTV series would be an appropriate venue for me to voice out my feelings on youth violence and youth crime especially because of the connection with emotional intelligence, a topic I will cover in more detail in future motivation video episodes.

As you will see in this new motivation video, I am offering my time as a speaker to any non-profit organization (also willing to work with any corporation) that has a major interest in advocating against youth violence and youth crime.  If logistics work out, I’m willing to donate my time to help out.  Just see this video and if you would like to work with me on specific projects on youth violence, just contact me through my motivational speaker website.

This is by far the most serious episode of Motivational WebTV I’ve ever shot but if you feel that others should be exposed to this motivation video on this very important issue, please share it with them.  There are buttons on the blog post to easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and by email.  All past episodes are at my Motivational WebTV Archive.

Feel free to leave your comments about this motivation video and youth violence at the Facebook or blog comments section too.  I think we all have to be more vocal about this topic to help make our communities more safe.

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