Lack Of Emotional Intelligence Displayed By Vancouver Riots After Hockey Game

Lack Of Emotional Intelligence

The last time the NHL hockey team Vancouver Canucks reached the Stanley Cup finals back in 1994 against the New York Rangers, Vancouver fans rioted after losing in the final game 7.  The city had recovered from this blemish during the Winter Olympics when the crowds in downtown Vancouver were quite well behaved.  However, once again, a lack of emotional intelligence came out last night when the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in another game 7 final.

Although a minority of the estimated 100,000 people in the downtown streets of Vancouver to watch the game on big outdoor screens, trouble makers turned over cars, set them on fire, smashed windows and looted the big department store the Bay and other businesses.  Some small businesses actually boarded up their windows in advance just in case something like this would happen.

Stanley Cup Hockey Final In Vancouver Ends In Riots

A NHL Stanley Cup hockey final game is exciting and emotional but we have to remember that it’s still only a game for our entertainment and enjoyment.  One team has to win and one must lose – that’s sports.  Life goes on and there will be other games.  This of course is also true for the soccer games out there that also unfortunately end up in rioting.

Again, this is purely a result of no emotional intelligence when people can’t control their own emotions as a result of what happens during a sporting event.  Their lack of control results in people making all sorts of stupid actions like rioting, brawling, damaging property and looting.  They don’t think about the consequences of their actions until perhaps afterwards.

Emotional Intelligence Can Be Developed

The interesting thing is that it is estimated that up to 85% of the population can use improvement in emotional intelligence and a good thing is that skills in this area can be developed.  Of course, those who riot will need much more development than most other people.  It would be of no surprise when these punks get caught that they probably show some sort of history which demonstrates a low level of emotional intelligence.

For more interesting details on this subject, see my article on the Emotional Intelligence Test.

emotional intelligence vancouver riot stanley cup hockey final
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