Toronto Motivational Speaker Also Youth School Speaker This Year?

#schools #education #toronto #motivational  — I was called last night by a principal from a Toronto high school who asked me if I would be willing to speak at her school.  She and some other staff wanted to have somebody new rather than the same set of usual school speakers year after year.  So she looked up Toronto motivational speaker online and found me but wasn’t sure if I was willing to also be a youth school speaker.

Although the high school students are not my primary audience, I am willing to speak at local Toronto high schools as well as those within an hour drive.  I have a separate talk as my high school youth speaking program.

I have done talks for this age range including youth conferences and high schools.  Where I draw the line is grade 9 high school as a minimum age range.  I’ve been asked by elementary schools to speak to their students before and have always declined these opportunities because I just don’t feel that the primary school students are my audience.  There are other good speakers out there for this younger age group.

My primary audience is still in the adult ages – mostly professional working adults.  My secondary audience would be the college and university student groups.  I’ll do the local high schools just because they are part of my community too and it would be nice to help influence the youth to become successful which would in turn maintain safe communities for all of us.

So the answer to the original question up top is yes, as a Toronto motivational speaker, I am also willing to be a youth school speaker when asked.  If you are with a high school or youth group, just contact me through my website if you are interested in having me come to your school to do a presentation to your students.

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