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College Speaker & Former Corporate Executive Helping
Students Answer One Of Their Toughest Questions ...
How To Get A Job In Their Chosen Career?

Ten Minute Video Describing One Of The Most Useful And Practical
Speaking Programs For College University Students Today

'Top Industry Secrets On How To Get A Job In Your Chosen Field'

This is Clint Cora's main speaking program for college and university students.  It helps them answer one of the toughest questions on their minds, ie., how to get jobs in their chosen fields and careers?

As a former corporate executive who spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical and high tech industries, Clint Cora he reveals practical, top industry secrets to help students get jobs in their chosen fields.  Clint teaches no-nonsense, real world proven strategies since as a corporate manager, he was actually in charge of hiring, training and managing professional staff nation wide.

He also includes important elements of diversity in this program since today's workplace is rapidly changing into a very diverse environment.  This program is presented in a motivational way with lots of audience participation and has a touch of martial arts entertainment as well.

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Here are some details of this inspiring yet extremely practical presentation full of useful gold nuggets.
  • Determining what type of jobs are out there and how to find them
  • Tough realities of the job market and how to overcome them
  • Secret industry tips to make resumes stand out in the eyes of hiring managers
  • Effective networking strategies to build important face to face industry connections
  • How social media and the internet fits into overall job hunting campaigns
  • How to shine during in person and telephone interviews with recruiters
  • How to handle the toughest interview questions students and graduates will be asked
  • Questions that students and graduates should definitely ask all interviewers
  • Navigating through waters of diversity in today's rapidly changing workplace
  • Real life examples that demonstrate how to beat out the competition for jobs
  • Live audience activities to develop communication skills needed to enter new careers
  • How to motivate yourself to achieve future career goals
  • FREE industry guide for EACH attending student on creating the most effective resumes
  • FREE industry guide for EACH student on outperforming competition during interviews

Self Defense Seminars For College University Campuses

For information specifically on Clint Cora's Effective Self Defense Seminar for colleges and university campuses, go to the separate webpage on College Self Defense.

Clint Cora can conduct his three hour Effective Self Defense training seminar as a stand alone program or in combination with his speaking program above for students - see previous link for information on his self defense seminars.

Contact Clint Cora For Booking Information

To explore the possibility of having Clint Cora as a college speaker at your campus, send an e-mail to contact (at) - replacing the (at) of course or call us
at 905-814-5763.


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Clint can also make his personal development books available for your students as continued supplementary educational resources. This will help reinforce key messages as well as motivate your students on a regular basis for achieving career and personal success after they have heard Clint speak.  Of course, Clint will always make himself available to personally sign books and speak to students after his presentations.

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A template for a promotional flyer which can be used at your campus can be provided.  Clint can also work with your campus radio and newspapers in advance to help further promote the speaking event. 

Kept Students Interested Even In Tough Atmosphere

"Your ability to get the students interested and interacting with you
was tremendous, especially in the 'lunch room' atmosphere you were
speaking in.
  Students were very pleased with your lecture and felt that
you presented your topic in an educational, yet humorous way. They now
understand how much being a well-rounded and diverse individual can
benefit them both now and in the future. Once again, thank you so
much for presenting a great program to our students at MVCC."

Sandy Cummings, Student Activities Coordinator, Mohawk Valley Cmty College

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Student Links Diversity Skills With Future Career

"One of the things I learned from the diversity speech is that you need to know this because it helps you make money in the future.  There were so many good things about the diversity session.  The presentation
was very helpful"

Scott Kirkman, Student President, Laurentian University

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College Speaker Clint Cora With Gannon University Students

Helps People Assimilate With Others On Campus

"We just hired Clint Cora to start out our year at Gannon University as a diversity motivational speaker.  I really liked it because in terms of being on campus and even with dealing with the corporate world, we have so many problems about understanding differences."

"I think Clint did a great job of providing examples as well as activities where they helped people assimilate into other groups they might not know or might not talk to."

Matt Blair, Lecture Chair, Gannon University

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Staff Considers Diversity Program Very Applicable

"I attended Clint's 'Kicking Down Diversity Barriers' presentation. Very good food for thought and  very applicable to the very diverse demographic we have.   One of the things I learned from Clint's session is that I have to have a different, wider perspective on what diversity really means. It was a very constructive and helpful hour for me."

Ian Morton, Events Coordinator, BC Institute of Technology

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Again, to explore how you can bring Clint Cora as a college speaker to your campus,
send an e-mail to contact (at) - replacing the (at) of course or call us at 905-814-5763.

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