Teen Motivation For Rotary Camp Enterprise

Provide Teen Motivation

I’ve been asked to be the youth motivational speaker to provide much needed teen motivation for a Rotary Camp Enterprise weekend in May.  These events are sponsored by Rotary clubs and they invite a group of promising high school students to a weekend event to teach them business skills.

Since I’ve been a speaker at many Toronto area Rotary clubs, many organizers already know that I can do a good talk for the youth audience.  Although this is not my usual audience, I do have a special talk just for them when I become  youth motivational speaker.

Youth Motivational Speaker

In fact, full descriptions of my speaking program for various youth leadership events and high school programs are outlined at my youth motivational speaker webpage.  It is a combination of my motivational and diversity talks tweeked for this age group and has been proven to be quite entertaining and educational from past feedback from students.  They definitely got a good dose of teen motivation.

I always welcome the opportunity to positively impact students whenever possible as long as the logistics work out in my scheduling.  This particular event in May with Rotary Camp Enterprise will work out just fine with me.

Rotary Camp Enterprise

Most Rotary Camp Enterprise events feature actual Rotary club members who might be actively working or retired in various professional categories.  They each do talks to give students a taste of what their professions are all about.  In this case, I will be the outside guest keynote speaker since my specialty is in motivation and diversity.

If there are other events or groups that can use a youth motivational speaker for teen motivation, just contact me and I’ll see what I can do for these groups.  The students represent our future in society and if I can do anything to help them out, I most certainly will.

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