Speaker Bureau Found Asian Diversity Speaker

Asian Diversity Speaker

I was contacted by a speaker bureau last week because they had a client who was looking for specifically an Asian diversity speaker – and that would be me.  There are not very many Asian professional keynote speakers around and not many diversity speakers in Canada.  Now the combination of these two requirements makes things even more scarce.  We are not certain yet why this organization was looking for those types of specifics in a speaker for one of their future meetings.

They also wanted somebody who can influence a relatively young adult audience and again, that would be me since I speak at colleges and at youth conferences as well as adult events.

Speaker Bureau Found Me

This speaker bureau obviously couldn’t meet this client’s request from their present roster of speakers so they had to do some research and fortunately, found me, within their own country borders too.  So it’s just weird how people and organizations end up meeting.

Now as far as where I can see when an Asian diversity speaker might fit in for an organization, the prime candidate would most certainly be a group or company in North America, Europe or Australia for example, who is starting to deal a lot with the Asian community both in their own region as well as overseas.  They might have more Asians on staff in their own companies or they might be doing business with more Asian partners.

This is where I would easily fit in to give their staff some good diversity training to make them more effective when dealing with Asian communities and other ethnic groups as well.  Diversity is a relatively new field for many companies and groups.  Recognizing the importance of specific diversity training programs is certainly a step in the right direction if an organization wishes to be successful in a diverse working environment.  For more information on this area, see my diversity articles.

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