Inspirational Women Plus Live Theatre From Fringe Festival

inspirational women live theatre fringe festival
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Inspirational Women

There have been a lot of inspirational women over the years from Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Aung San Suu Kyi to Canadian athletes like Silken Laumann, Nancy Greene and Joannie Rochette.  But sometimes there are inspirational women right in your own community who are doing some very interesting projects as well.

Take Montreal’s Tali Brady for example.  While many would-be actors, actresses and playwrites just dream about doing theatre, Tali wrote and acted in her own solo live theatrical play at both the Toronto and Montreal Fringe Festivals in 2010.  Motivational WebTV was honoured to have her as the very first special guest interview ever done here and scenes from her play were also featured.  If you missed this entertaining episode, see it at Toronto Fringe Festival video.

Not to be outdone from last year’s fantastic performance, Tali came back this summer to Toronto with a brand new production that was bigger and more complex requiring a small team of people.  This bigger production brought in a few new issues that were not present with her play last year since each time you involve more people, there will be complexities.

So I was able to interview Tali’s group together this time around as well as feature small snippets of scenes from the new theatrical play at this year’s 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival.  Here is the new episode for your entertainment.

Although most of this episode was entertainment in nature, there is a key personal growth point that Tali talked about during the interview.  This point was about being diplomatic during all group activities that require teamwork.  This will help a leader ensure cooperation from the other team members while keeping things upbeat and motivated even when certain parts of the project need improvement.

Share These Stories Of Inspirational Women

As Tali and many other inspirational women prove, ambitious projects are not just solely in the domain of men.  There are lots of incredible women out there who are doing some worthy projects.

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