Short Inspirational Stories From Actress As First Guest – Motivational WebTV #13

Short Inspirational Stories From Actress

Sometimes great sources of inspirational stories come from normal everyday people who are tackling some pretty interesting challenges in their life through their projects.  I’ve run across one such example to share with you.  I’m really excited to release this new episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV because it’s the first one featuring a guest star with some short inspirational stories to share.  Montreal live theatre actress and inspiration story playwright Tali Brady is my guest as you will see me interviewing her.

Tali, who also happens to be a Toastmasters DTM (which is the highest educational level achieved in that organization which helps people develop communications skills), put some of her skills to use as she spent a year writing and developing her own theatrical plays as short inspirational stories.

Short Inspirational Stories Brought To Life

Her solo woman play is called ‘Afternoon Tea With Jane Austen’  and after during a stint with this show at the Montreal Fringe Festival, she and her director brought it to the Toronto Fringe Festival this summer.  This is how they turned some short inspirational stories to life.

I was fortunate enough to catch one of her performances here at the Toronto Fringe Festival and conducted a short interview with her for Motivational WebTV.  Performing in her own live theatrical play has always been one of her big goals in life so I found this to be one of the more interesting motivational stories I’ve been exposed to this year.

Being a professional speaker, I know just how challenging it is to memorize full hour keynotes.  And to have Tali memorize a one hour inspiration story theatrical play is something that I certainly admire.  To make things even more impressive, Tali performed her entire short inspirational stories on stage with a British accent in order to increase the authenticity of her character, Jane Austen, who was an 18th century writer.

As an added bonus for my readers and viewers of Motivational WebTV, not only is my interview captured here on video, but with Tali’s permission, I have included various scenes from her actual play as part of the video footage!

Short Inspirational Stories Caught On Video

Enjoy this new episode of Motivational WebTV with Tali Brady as my first guest star with her short inspirational stories about her project plus actual footage of her in action on stage.  Your comments on this episode are always welcome either at the comments section below or at my Motivation Facebook page.

Please share this video especially with all live theatre fans.  It’s a great addition to Tali’s growing collection of short inspirational stories.  Your comments below are of course welcome.

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