Winter Olympics Motivational Stories That Will Inspire You In WebTV #3

Winter Olympics Motivational Stories

The Winter Olympics episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV is up now.  In this third episode, I talk about two motivational stories from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics that really inspired me.  I hope you don’t mind the goofy introduction but I’m just having some fun.  As you will see, the Olympics is not just about sports as there are usually many motivational stories that will inspire you in your own life as well.

The two motivational stories I will be referring to will be of Alex Bilodeau and his brother Frederic as well as Joanne Rochette.  If you missed the actual performances of Alex or Joanne on TV, here are the links from CTV but I don’t know how much longer these video clips will be active – so see them ASAP or do search online if they pull the clips off.

Alex Bilodeau Gold Medal Run

Joanne Rochette Short Program Skate

To really benefit from the Winter Olympics and any other top notch sports event, I think it’s best to go deeper than just enjoy them for the entertainment value.  There are always great stories of struggle, perserverence and overcoming challenges for any elite athlete no matter which sport.  If we choose to really understand these stories around them, we can be inspired ourselves to achieve success in our own lives even if we are not elite or even weekend athletes.

I’m glad that the broadcasters have chosen to create interesting profile segments of individual athletes since it’s through such airtime that we begin to learn about the background stories of these amazing athletes.  One thing that really stands out no matter how incredible the athletic skills of these athletes are, their stories always bring us the human side of them which we can all relate to.  That’s why I consider the Olympics so wonderful in addition to just the athletics.

Motivational Stories On Video

Now, to understand why I was so moved by these two athletes and their motivational stories, here is the latest episode of Motivational WebTV. Previous inspirational videos episodes are also available.

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