Workplace Diversity Training Program

Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity is an emerging issue within many organizations operating in diverse working environments.  Increased immigration especially in regions like southern Ontario has resulted in not only an increase of company staff who are quite diverse, but also in the communities as potential clients and customers for companies.

All of a sudden, companies and organizations (like government agencies), have to deal with a wide range of people in the community and business environment.  Simply having documentation translated into various foreign languages is not enough, although it is a good start especially for large ethnic groups in the region.

Diversity Training Program

I have made my one hour keynote speaking program called ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success‘ available for some time now but some organizations want more than just the one hour and I can certainly understand this.  Diversity is a new issue for many companies and organizations and just one hour does not necessarily do the topic enough justice.  Although the keynote is still a great one hour presentation for groups that have only one hour to spare at meetings, some organizations are willing to devote a bit more time to the topic.

This is why I have expanded this topic into a half day workplace diversity training program that gets into much more detail than what is covered in my one hour keynote presentation.  The three hour version has much more group activities (although the keynote itself does have some as well).  This allows participants to really get more involved with diversity issues as they would be actively doing various activities working with diversity.  They can therefore learn a lot more since they will be not only listening, but they will be doing.

The workplace diversity training programs are set out in a really fun, interactive way and participants will really enjoy this half day program which can be conducted either in the morning or afternoon.  See my available speaking programs to see how they might fit in with your future meeting.

workplace diversity training programs
Creative Commons License photo credit: Paul Stainthorp

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