Will Use Conference Offtime Productively

I’ll be in Atlanta all this week showcasing my college diversity presentation at a college campus activities conference and there will be some offtime available.  I plan to use this offtime as productively as possible.  I’ll make sure that I make a trip to the hotel gym to workout and if there is no gym at the hotel I’m staying at, I’ll just exercise in my hotel room.  Travel is often when many people slack off in exercise because of overeating and lack of activity so a commitment to exercise each day along with not stuffing oneself with too much bad foods are crucial.

I’ll also plan to do a lot of writing for new issues of my Motivational Diversity Success Newsletter and plan new episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV.  The premiere episode is still right at the top of the homepage of my clintcora.com website as of this week.

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