Where To Find Diversity Articles

Diversity Articles

If you want to find some decent diversity articles for your organization’s newsletter, website, blog or even just read up on the topic of diversity to get a better understanding on how it impacts us today, I can point you to some places where you can find the ones I’ve written for my audiences.

I’ve compiled several of my written works in a section of diversity articles at my website.  They are part of the multimedia section which is a big area for personal development resources available to all of my website visitors.  This section has links to articles, photos, videos and even audio interviews.

To Publish Diversity Articles

If you want to publish any of my diversity articles, I would suggest that you access them via some of the big articles websites online.  One is ezinearticles.com and another is goarticles.com where my diversity articles as well as articles in several other topics I write about are on.

When you get to their websites, just do a search for my author name Clint Cora and you will see a listing of my articles.  The diversity articles will be quite obvious as all of them will have the word ‘diversity’ somewhere in the titles.

You are free to use any of the articles as long as you publish them unchanged in their entirety and include the author information including the live links if you intend to publish them online somewhere. That is part of the rules by these articles websites which is quite fair.

Diversity Speaker Available

If you need a diversity speaker with a little bit of content thrown in as a motivational keynote speaker, then I’m your man.  See descriptions of my talks at my Speaking Programs section which is divided by type of audience.  Workplace diversity is a hot topic now and my programs in this topic are a fun way to learn more.

At this same section is a speaker demo video where you can see what I’m like in front of live audiences.  If there’s anything I can do to help you, just contact me through my website.

diversity articles diversity speaker
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