Telecommunications Manager Talks About Personal Development Book

#personaldevelopment #selfhelp  —  Here is telecommunications QA manager Shouvik Chowdhury of Toronto talking about my personal development self help book The Life Champion In You and how it helped him in his life.

It’s great that young professionals like Shouvik is already picking up on important principles of achieving life success early in his career.  He will have a really good head start on personal development that will serve him well in the future.

You can see more readers of The Life Champion In You in videos talking about this self help book and the personal development principles from it at the book webpage.

This book continues to be a popular seller at all my live motivational talks as it serves as a good reference for audience members after they are introduced to some of these personal development concepts.  Having a book like this at home reminds them of the important principles that were covered during the talks so they will not forget.

It is quite common to forget about what live talks were all about if one does not have any reference material from the presentations.  The Life Champion In You book not only acts as a reference, but also presents additional concepts not covered during my talks due to time limitations and offers additional examples to further teach about achieving success in life.

There are also many written testimonials for The Life Champion In You at my website in addition to the video clips.

This self help book can be incorporated as part of a special arrangement for any of my speaking programs so that each attendee of a group will receive a copy of it.  This is often regarded as a very nice gesture from the audience and will increase the value of meetings.  Just contact me to inquire about how this type of arrangement is possible for any of my live talks for your audience whether they are diversity or motivational personal development keynotes.

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