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Secret Weapon For Success

I’m going to share with you what I consider to be a secret weapon for achieving success.  This is a very straight forward strategy but for some reason, most people do not use it or maybe are not aware of the significant difference it will make for success.  That’s why I call it a secret weapon.

When I was competing in martial arts, I did pretty well throughout the years but especially since I adopted this secret weapon.  A former world champion named John Chung, taught me to go up to the judges at my competition events and ask them for feedback on my performances.  This is something that most other competitors never bothered to do.

To my surprise, I found most judges quite open in spending a few minutes to give me some valuable feedback on what they saw in my performances.  Even when I was a tournament judge myself, I was always willing to give competitors some feedback, when there were actually any who bothered to ask.

It was through feedback from many judges which helped me focus on the things that I really needed to work on during my training.  Of course, one should not put a lot of weight on any one judge’s opinion but when the same type of feedback is heard over many different judges who saw me, patterns came up.

Feedback Invaluable For Other Areas In Life

Getting feedback as a success strategy for other areas in life is invaluable as well.  This can be for other skills in other sports, jobs, careers and even in relationships.  Think about it — how often to we ask our significant others how we are doing in our relationships?

My new episode of Motivational WebTV below covers this about asking for feedback.

So don’t be shy about getting feedback from others.  This is something that most people don’t do but don’t let that hold you back.  Be a little proactive.  You will find that most people whose opinion’s you value will not mind giving you some feedback.  Use it to your advantage.

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