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youtube videos save money saving money

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YouTube Videos Save Money

I’ve got this crank device on one of my windows at home which open and close the window on my home office overlooking the front of my house.  A few months ago, it became stuck and I couldn’t properly open or close the window anymore.

Since I’m a complete moron when it comes to handyman stuff, I called in a repair person for an estimate.  He came and told me that I needed a complete replacement of that device and it will cost me $150.  I thought that was pretty steep.

The weather wasn’t that warm outside yet so I didn’t really have to open the window much yet.  So I decided to delay the repair until the summer.

When I was at Rona and Home Depot to check up on a few other home items, I saw the replacement part for my window and it cost about $48.  That’s when I realized that the repair guy was going to charge me $100 in labour costs just to replace that window part.

Before I commited to calling him back to repair my window, I checked YouTube just to see if there was a how-to video on replacing this particular part.  Sure enough, there was and the procedure actually looked quite simple.

I already had all the necessary tools (which was basically screwdrivers) to do the repair so I went back to Rona and bought the replacement part.  I managed to do the complete repair myself and it took me basically just five minutes to do!

So this repair guy wanted to charge me $100 for five minutes of work!

Watching YouTube videos to learn how to do the repair myself saved me $100 then.  I did something similar in replacing screens on my two patio sliding screen doors by watching similar how-to videos on YouTube.

Here’s the video I shot as the next episode of Motivational WebTV that shows the window part I replaced.

So the personal development lesson here is even if there’s something that you don’t know how to do, you should not give up just yet.  It might be something that you can learn because as human beings, we all have the capacity to keep learning new things.

With free resources like YouTube videos these days, there just might be something out there that can teach you and as a result, can help you save money.  And saving money is a great thing these days.

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