Rotary Club Camp Enterprise Event Speakers

Rotary Event Speakers

Since I’ve already been recruited as one of the Rotary club Camp Enterprise event speakers for Scarborough, I might as well offer myself for the other local GTA Camp Enterprise events too.  They are all for a great cause which is to expose high school students to some high level business skills.

These events are organized by local Rotary clubs where a few of them band together to sponsor a weekend event with local high school students.  These students apparently are recommended by their business teachers for participation as any costs for the attendees are completely free of charge.

Event Speakers Are Usually Rotarians

The Camp Enterprise event speakers are usually Rotarians with specific business backgrounds so they each speak on their business field.  However, sometimes they also recruit external event speakers like myself to be the guest speaker for the weekend.

This is what’s happening in this case in May when I will be transported by their own staff to the Rotary club Camp Enterprise location on a Saturday I believe.  I’ve already requested a computer projector and screen to be ready for me as I will do my youth talk for these high school students.

Youth Event Speakers

My youth talk will fit in really well since this is my combo presentation of motivation and diversity with some leadership skills for this age group.  These are skills and concepts that if presented to youth early on, they will be able to excel in their future careers a lot faster than if they never got exposed to such skills.

If you are a Rotarian in the GTA who will be involved in a Camp Enterprise program and you need event speakers, contact me right away so I could accommodate your group.

If you are looking for event speakers for any youth conference or meeting, this is a presentation that you will want to consider – check out the details at my Youth Motivational Speaker webpage.

Of course, if you need event speakers for professional conferences or other meetings, my full Speaking Programs descriptions will outline all of my available talks.

rotary club camp enterprise event speakers
Creative Commons License photo credit: WN Rotary

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