Personal Growth And Development Lesson From Dock Dogs

Personal Growth And Development Lesson

As I was editing a video for my dog training website, I realized that there was a personal growth and development lesson we could learn from dogs.  These were the so called ‘dock dogs’ to be exact.  I had taken in some of the dock dogs competition at the All About Dogs Show the other weekend (see my Motivational WebTV episode with video highlights from that event).

This is a competition where dogs jump off a dock to aim for a toy suspended in the air and they end up jumping in a pool of water.  It’s really quite exciting to watch so I have reproduced the video of some of these dock dogs here.  But behind all that excitement of the competition, I think there is a personal growth and development lesson we can extract for ourselves as humans.

Dock Dogs Go After Goals Even After Misses

What wasn’t captured on this video but we did see at the event were attempts by the dogs to get the toys during jumps that were not successful.  Sometimes the dogs did miss their targets (you should have heard the audience with their ‘aws’).  But instead of giving up, they were eager to get back on the dock to do another jump right away.

The dock dogs saw their goal which was the suspended toy and they went after that goal.  And if they missed their goal, they didn’t give up as they kept trying until they were successful.  Of course in their case, even when they were successful, the dogs still wanted to do more!

Why can’t us humans be more like this?

Personal Growth And Development Video With Dock Dogs

So here is the actual video of the dock dogs.  I hope it inpsires you as you keep this personal growth and development lesson from them in mind as you watch the video.  Of course, you will likely be quite entertained at the same time.

Feel free to share this exciting dock dogs video with others and if you have any comments about these awesome dogs, just enter them below.

The actual blog post of the dock dogs jumping can also be found at my dog blog.

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