Inspirational Devotions At Pet Show – Motivational WebTV #47

Inspirational Devotions

Animal lovers are going to love this post and video.  Even if you are not an animal lover, I think by the time you finish watching this video, you will be at least quite entertained by what you are about to see.  I witnessed inspirational devotions as I spent an entire afternoon with a fellow dog lover at Toronto’s All About Pets Show at the International Centre this past weekend.  There were lots of exhibitors with supplies and products for pets as well as lots of animals to check out.  Of course, the majority of animals were the different breeds of dogs there but there were also cats, birds, fish and reptiles.

It was quite obvious that all of the exhibitors were totally devoted to their pets as were the attendees of the pet show.  This brings me to the claim that us pet owners discovered something that most non-pets people haven’t.  This is of course the special bonds created between humans and their animals.

Those of you who have been following my Motivational WebTV series probably have noticed this bond that i have with my Lhasa Apso dogs.  This type of bond just can’t be duplicated in relationships between people.

The Dog Show Portion

This was most noticable with the dog show portion of the All About Pets event.  There were competitions which I’ve never seen before and one was the dock jumping which involves dogs jumping off docks into a pool of water.  The dogs who participate in this obviously live for this as you can sense so much joy in them when they are doing this with their owners.

However, all exhibitors who had animals at this pet show shared the same type of inspirational devotions with their pets.  The attendees got to freely interact with many of these dogs and cats.  I decided to bring my camcorder as I thought that I would get some decent video footage from the pet show and it’s a good thing that I did.

The result was a very entertaining episode of Motivational WebTV in which I added comments at the end about pets being able to contribute to overall happiness and help in your stress management.

Here’s the video from the pet show including some dock jumping;

More Regular Inspirational Devotions

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And just in case if you are interested, I do have a free basic dog training video available.

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