Past TV News Segment About Teaching Diversity

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I thought that I had already put the past TV news segment about my visit to the Muslim high school here in Mississauga on a blog post but I couldn’t find it.  This visit was where I was teaching diversity awareness and skills to the students and it made the local TV news since I was the first non-Muslim speaker to come in and speak to a totally Islamic student group on diversity issues as well as achieving success.

Here’s the actual TV news clip in case anybody missed it.

You can see more details and photos from this particular talk I had at the Muslim school in a previous blog post done right after the talk.  It was a very interesting and satisfying experience for me as a speaker since I feel that I did something to help these students bridge cultural gaps here in our Canadian society and community.

Teaching diversity skills and awareness is not only beneficial for non-minorities here in North America but also to ethnic minorities as well.  Everyone in my mind needs this type of training in order to become more competitive in our increasingly diverse working environments.

Many folks would say that they embrace diversity just in order to be politically correct but they may still have certain issues with certain groups.  These are the people that can benefit the most with diversity training since it helps them see things in another way, a more positive way.  I’ve been doing diversity talks to both professional groups as well as schools.  More information about my diversity speaking programs are available at my website for professional or corporate groups as well as college or university audiences.

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  • Amal KHTIRA

    Hi Clint,

    As a Muslim girl, I genuinely liked the initiative, it is a good opportunity for those students to learn how to be open to other cultures and feel part of the country they live in.

  • Thanks for reading as well as your comment Amal 🙂