Ontario Motivational Speaker To Visit Sarnia

#ontario #toronto — Since I’m based in Mississauga near Toronto, I’m able to travel pretty well anywhere in southern Ontario within a few hours to do talks.  In September, as a province wide Ontario motivational speaker then, I will be making a quick trip to Sarnia, which is a border town in western Ontario.

I will be speaking there for the local Human Resources Association of Ontario doing my motivational keynote for them.  I’ll be heading into town early as I’m going to be reuniting with an old high school buddy who is now living there.  We haven’t seen each other since the mid 1980s.  I know that he’s had a distinguished career so far with the Canadian Coast Guard and is now with one of the provincial ministries connected to waterways.  I guess I’ll find out more when I get to see him when I go to Sarnia next month.

If there are other groups in western Ontario who could use me as a motivational speaker (or a diversity speaker) in September, contact me through my website as I will be in that area.

This is even the case with the towns over on the US side.  I don’t imagine that any Ontario motivational speaker gets over there too often so this would be a good opportunity for any groups stateside near Western Ontario to book me.

I’ve been to the Windsor area before but never up to Sarnia so this will be my first trip ever there.  This is one of the cool things about being an Ontario motivational speaker as the more I get known in my home province, I get more opportunities to visit places within this great province that I’ve never been to.

Of course, I’m very open to going to places outside of Ontario or even Canada to speak as well.  Case in point is that in November, I’ll be speaking in Havana.  But more on that soon.

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