No Radiation With Diversity Activity In Local Japanese Restaurants

Diversity Activity In Japanese Restaurants

I’ve always said that ethnic food represents a good diversity activity for people in order to get further exposure to different cultures.  A very popular cuisine here in Toronto and I’m sure worldwide is Japanese cuisine.  However, due to the recent disaster in Japan, there have been fears of radiation in imported food at local Japanese restaurants.

One local Japanese restaurant owner here in Toronto, who happens to be the president of the local Japanese restaurant association, was interviewed on the TV news this week and he reassured viewers that there is no radiation risk at our local establishments.  The reason for this is because the food that they get for their restaurants are actually not from Japan but are local, particularly the seafood for sushi for example.  The seafood comes mainly from the east coast, rather than from Japan.

Enjoy Diversity Activity

I would think that this would be the same situation for Japanese restaurants all over North America and Europe as well.  This makes sense too because since sushi and other food must be fresh, they probably need to source their supply much closer to their locations rather than from Japan.

So the food at local Japanese restaurants would be radiation free and therefore you can still go out and enjoy your diversity activity at these places without worry to your health.  Now, for establishments located right in Japan, that will be a different story but I’m assuming that tourism there dropped down to almost zero, unless for some reason, one must be there right now.

See Video On Disaster In Japan

If you missed my special Motivational WebTV on the disaster in Japan, do check it out as I make a commentary on a very important observation of their people.  Your comments to that video are still most welcome.  And don’t forget to keep enjoying culture with a regular diversity activity.

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