Motivational Music With Cool Jazz – Life Passions Motivational WebTV #54

Motivational Music Episode About Life Passions

Have you found your life passions?  Perhaps even more important to ask is are you actively involved with your passions on a regular basis?  If not, then you just might be missing out on something really important in life.  Here’s another motivational music episode and one with my next special guest on Motivational WebTV.  My guest is a Toronto-based jazz musician friend and during my interview with him, he’s going to explain just how important life passions are and how one can ensure that you stay involved with them.

I’ve always said that it’s extremely important to keep involved with your life passions in your day to day life.  It does have a signficant effect on overall happiness.  This is why not only did I take the time to recognize what my passions are but I also make sure that I do something related to one of my passions each and every day no matter how busy I am.  This gives me something forward to look towards each day.

Lack Of Passions Results In No Life Purpose

Sometimes people say that their life is boring and they have no life purpose.  Upon further investigation, it is often revealed that these folks haven’t found their life passions yet and if they did, then they are not taking the time to pursue them.  The antidote to this awful feeling is to get involved with your passions.

In my friend’s case, music is certainly one of his top life passions.  Let’s see this motivational music video with our interview as well as a nice sampling of his cool jazz music.

For more information on his music, see the CD Baby webpage.

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