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Here is a short video clip of another attendee from the personal development training motivation seminar I conducted last week in Brampton, Ontario for an organization there.   Salma Hossain, the seminar attendee in this video, mentions that she is going home to study the material and slowly go over it again.

Since I have people working through a 60 page Personal Development Action Planning binder I developed just for this motivation seminar, there is a lot of material to take home after the event is over.

For those people who are being exposed to this type of high level personal development training material and success principles for the first time, it can be a bit overwhelming.  But the fact is that these materials if worked through faithfully and monitored on a regular basis, will lead to life success in the areas they choose to excel in.

I think that many of the concepts I presented and then the actual activities that I had the seminar attendees go through were real eye openers for them.  Many were being asked certain questions and encouraged to do a level of self analysis that they have never done before.  So when audience discussion parts of the program came up, it was quite revealing as people were learning a lot not only of each other, but of themselves as well.

Here is Salma’s comments on the full day personal development training motivation seminar on video;

Motivation Seminar

As mentioned in a previous blog post here, this personal development training program is being offered only to organizations such as companies and other groups that want this seminar on a private basis.  Those currently with such organizations who might be interested in having me conduct this full day seminar for their group can learn more about it at the previous link.

For those who are individuals who would like to attend this type of seminar, stay tuned here on my blog or better yet, get on my Motivation newsletter list because once I start offering a version of this seminar for the general public, I will announce future dates and locations there.

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