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The Life Champion In You Action Planning Seminar
Full Day Intensive Personal Development Program

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Personal Development Program

Real Action Towards Success Personal Development Program

This day long seminar is an intensive personal development program that includes all the principles from Clint Cora’s The Life Champion In You motivational speaking program plus much more!  It is intended for people who want a 'hands-on' working seminar to actively create feasible action plans for achieving success as well as overcoming challenges.  Seminar participants will learn how to use the various action planning tools by actually working with them during the session.  


Feedback From Personal Development Program Attendees

It is perfect for those who need a little push and guidance to start some real action towards success.  There will be lots of interactive discussion with the entire group as well as activities within smaller teams of four to five people to brainstorm ideas.  These types of activities are not possible during standard keynote talks but are major components of this group seminar -- your people will be busy taking real action towards their success!  

image clint cora personal development program workshop action planning seminars

Like Having Your Own Mastermind Group Guided By Clint Cora

This seminar will usually be in a smaller setting compared to large keynote presentation events (conferences) in order to facilitate discussion and interaction.  The day will be like having your own ‘mastermind’ group helping you create the best possible routes for your group's success.

Best of all, the author of The Life Champion In You book, Clint Cora, will be personally guiding your group through all the important steps for your action plan throughout the six hour day.  He will be there to take your group through from beginning to completion of workable plans that each person will create from a special The Life Champion In You Action Planner binder that will be supplied as part of the personal development program seminar.  

View a sample motivational seminar schedule to see just how full such a day of this personal development program can be.

Life Changing Day Long Personal Development Program Event

Here is how your group will benefit from this personal development program:

image clint cora personal development program workshop action planning seminars -----------------image clint cora personal development program workshop action planning seminars

This personal development program seminar is an intensive day for sure but imagine the feeling your people will get at the end knowing that they just put in six incredible hours of active personal development that will change their lives and enable your organization to be more competitive!

To explore the possibility of having this day long seminar conducted exclusively for your private group, please contact Clint Cora.  

If your organization does not have enough participants to warrant a private group seminar, it is possible to participate in similar personal development self improvement seminars conducted by Clint Cora open to the general public.

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