Inspirational Speaker Audio Self Help CD Program

Inspirational Speaker Audio Self Help CD

I’ve noticed that sales of my inspirational speaker audio self help CD program version of my book ‘The Life Champion In You’ has picked up.  It seems that many people out there prefer to listen than to read books or in many case, listen in addition to reading in order to really absorb important concepts.

Jenny Choi, a registered nurse from Maryland, recently acquired my four-CD audio program of The Life Champion In You and this is what she had to say about it.

“As a listener of his audio book, one should take the time in trying to understand what Clint stands for particularly given the multi-category of population he continues to influence in various positive ways.  In “The Life Champion in You”, Clint illustrates the aspect that anything is possible if you attack life with the proper mindset and tools.  Those who choose to bypass his invaluable product should try giving it one more attempt because it does outline contents that will eventually lead you in the road of success given you’re serious about accomplishing such power in your life.“

“This audio CD book offers once in a lifetime breaking strategies for pointing out mechanisms that will help us in taking ownership of our lives.  We all need role models and I know I am a better person by having learned such priceless lessons from “The Life Champion in You” by Clint Cora.  Because we’re all humans who essentially have same needs, this CD program should benefit anyone out there who feels lost in their life and requires highly structured guidance. Apply the tools that are outlined in his book in helping you reach that ultimate destination in your life.”

Inspirational Speaker Adds Bonus In Audio Self Help CD

This audio self help CD program includes three hours of audio as well as a bonus ebook version of The Life Champion In You.  So it is virtually a self contained kit with both audio and text.  If you like listening to inspirational speaker audio programs, consider this four-CD set for your collection.

life champion audio cd program self help inspirational speaker

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