Four CD Motivational Audio Program Stock Coming

#selfhelp #motivational #motivation  —  Since I converted the audio version of my book The Life Champion In You from a single MP3 CD to a four CD motivational audio program which also includes a bonus CD containing the digital ebook version of my book, it has been selling nicely.  Seems that people want to be able to play these CDs in their car systems during drives (which they couldn’t do before with the MP3 CD).

The first batch of the new four-CD program is almost sold out so if any orders come in this week for this product, there could be slight delay in shipping.  A new batch of additional stock is being made this week.

If you haven’t seen some of the reviews for this motivational audio set, check them out at The Life Champion In You audio CD program.

This time around, the cover labels for the box containing the four CDs will be adjusted slightly larger so that they fit a bit better than the ones used on the first batch.  Live and learn.

Many people find that by listening to motivational audio in addition to just reading, will greatly enhance the learning and absorption of important concepts.  This is true for not only personal development subjects but for almost any topic out there.  Many people just prefer to listen rather than to read.  So this four CD set provides them with this mode of learning.

I expect to have the new stock available by the weekend.  Thanks to everyone who ordered this four CD motivational audio program version of The Life Champion In You and I hope you enjoy it immensely. I’ll have exciting news of another new audio CD product very soon.  All my books and CDs are listed at my website.

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