Diversity Training Activities Can Include Entertainment

Diversity Training Activities

The organizer of an Asian Heritage Month event in which I was the keynote speaker had a great idea for diversity training activities. It was in the plans for me to present my ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success’ which is more or less the educational part of the diversity event. Within my presentation, there is a lot of audience participation as well as some group activities which help learn some of the more important concepts introduced during my presentation better.

The group work and audience participation during my presentation not only helps people learn better, but makes my talk much more fun for everyone attending. I have to admit that the active style of my talks also make my job as a speaker much more fun as well.

Organizer Added To Diversity Training Activities

The organizer of the event chose to add some more elements to the diversity training activities by having some additional cultural entertainment before and after my talk. There were singers and dancers throughout the entire event which made for a very entertaining afternoon for all.

Not only was there some useful education on diversity but there was entertainment as well which in this case, made the audience that much more appreciative on diversity. The cultural entertainment actually reinforces the concepts and teaching points I talk about in my presentation so all of the elements diversity training activities from the event really mixed well together.

After my talk, I got to sit with the audience and take in the other entertainment and I particularly enjoyed the Indian Sanskriti dance performers where a trio of talented dancers performed to a blend of traditional Indian and contemporary hip hop music. The photo below shows these talented girls with yours truly.

For more details on both my diversity training presentation called ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success’ as well as my motivational keynotes, see my Speaking Programs section at my website.

diversity training activities

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