Diversity Definition As Youth Motivational Speaker

Diversity Definition

Some high school students will be getting their first real diversity definition explained today.  I’m up early this Saturday morning as I’m getting picked up by organizers of a Rotary club Camp Enterprise program out of town where I will be the keynote youth motivational speaker for a group of elite business high school students.  This program was sponsored by a few local Rotary clubs as they offer business and leadership skills to these students all weekend long.

As a youth motivational speaker, I designed my keynote presentation to this age group of students as part motivational speaker and part diversity speaker.  I combine elements of both of my main keynote topics for adult audiences into a special presentation just for the youth and teens age groups.

Role As Youth Motivational Speaker

Although most of my audiences tend to be adult groups, I’m always honoured whenever I’m asked to speaker to a group of youth as it’s an opportunity to positively impact the next generation of leaders.  Since this age group is experiencing so much diversity in their own lives, it’s a great stage to introduce them to the diversity definition in a way that will help them be more effective in their present and future lives.  This is how my role as a youth motivational speaker, I can help these students become very effective once they start their future working careers in a very diverse working environment.

Diversity Definition As A Positive

Although some youth may have experienced diversity on a rather negative way with segregated racial groups at school, part of my diversity definition is to convey upon them that diversity can be a positive and a really good thing and I illustrate this at my talks with some fun group activities.  I will pull a few of these group activities from my diversity presentation called Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success which have always gone over well with audiences.

If you need a speaker for a youth conference, see my youth motivational speaker page on what I can offer.  For adult audiences, see my main keynote speaker page.

diversity definition youth motivational speaker
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