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This video will represent a side, actually a big part of me that I kept relatively hidden so far.  Most folks back in my former corporate career, martial arts competition years, Toastmasters clubs years and even most of my Facebook friends will not be aware of this side of me.

So this video will serve to introduce it which is my musical side.  I was actually introduced to music even earlier than martial arts.  I started taking piano lessons at age five and this went on for ten long (boring) years until I switched over to guitar.  I’m a self taught guitarist thanks to the music ear training I had during my piano years.

I did show a bit of my acoustic guitar playing in the Motivational WebTV episodes about New Habits For Personal Growth Success and Motivational Speaking Ties Skiing And Music Together.  But for this new video, it’s both acoustic and electric guitars.

O Canada National Anthem

I also show just how much I love my country by doing my version of O Canada, the Canadian national anthem.  Some of you will appreciate it while some will think that I completely butchered the national anthem.  That’s okay if you think the latter as I do my thing on guitar and don’t expect everyone to like it, especially if it’s the crunching sounds of an electric rock guitar.

Music has always been a big part of my life and I find that as I get older, I always return to my favourite passions in life and this keeps me happy.  I played in rock bands throughout high school and my early years of university.  Doing this video, which the actual video footage and recording of the guitar music were done separately, was a whole lot of fun.

If you like this video clip, please share it with others, especially your Canadian friends.  Heck, even if you think it’s on the borderline of bizzare, share it.  Where else are you going to see an Asian Chinese guitarist play the Canadian national anthem?

I definitely want to do more similar projects in the future.  I think I’ll tackle the US national anthem next for my American friends!  Look out!

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  • Alomasagigi

    Clint Cora ,
    Hi this is aloma that video was GREAT top performance I really enjoyed listening I have other guitar artists that I can share your video of the national anthem of Canada,but sure would like to come to canada one day to make and gain more friends in the ART WORLD!

    You are very talented at a number of things and your are very productive and very inspiring! I only recently met with an indigenous talented guitar player and artist and I will be for sure passing you videos and sharing your stories and lifes experiences and professional videos with them as I think you are really an inspiration to anyones life and life itself.

    Aloma Nazareth Sagigi

  • Thanks for watching Aloma!