Keynote Motivational Speaker Ties Skiing And Music Together

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Keynote Motivational Speaker In Motivational WebTV #65

This keynote motivational speaker in me has just managed to tie in skiing and music together to show a great example of something very important for your personal growth for the latest episode of Motivational WebTV.  You see, I’ve been teaching some ladies groups skiing this winter as they are in an eight week program.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that most of these ladies skied only during the actual ski class itself without doing much free skiing in between classes to work on the skills they were learning.  All of them want to get more confident on the ski slopes but for some reason, most were not practising outside of ski class.

Connection With Music Lessons

So I decided to ask them a question.  I asked if any of them, knowing that most were moms, have any kids taking music lessons.  A few hands went up as I expected.  So then I asked if they would want their kids to practise their music in between their lessons.

Of course the response was yes.  So almost immediately, they all figured out what I was getting at.  In order for them to get better at their skiing, they should be practising their skills in between their ski classes as well.  The keynote motivational speaker in me was able to take something they already believe in (having their kids practise their piano or violin in between lessons) and apply it for themselves (for their skiing).

The Change In Action

During subsequent weeks, some of the ladies started to come an hour before the ski class to get more skiing in.  Some stayed after the class to get more snow time as well.  They now realize that putting skills into action is important for their improvement.

Learning new knowledge is great whether reading books or attending seminars or courses.  But if one doesn’t apply the knowledge or skills in practice, the knowledge won’t be that useful.  This is true for almost any type of knowledge or skill learned.

Here’s the video where I discuss this concept along with some more of my acoustic guitar playing for your entertainment.

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