New Habits For Personal Growth Success – Motivational WebTV #64

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Personal Growth Success

For personal growth success, we often have to learn new habits and/or skills.  In order to make such new habits stick so that we don’t give up on them, many experts claim that we have to put continuous efforts into them for 21 to 30 days at minimum.

This way, new habits or skills will be absorbed into your system which is exactly what we want.  When habits or skills become absorbed into your system, they become second nature.

First Time Showing Acoustic Guitar

As an example, I will be showing for the very first time in Motivational WebTV, my acoustic guitar playing.  I used this as an example of new skills because when I play guitar, I often do not know verbally, what notes I’m playing.  However, my body does.

My fingers know where to go on the guitar and this is a result of playing songs and musical passages over and over again.  In other words, my body has absorbed the notes.

Make New Habits Second Nature

You can do this for almost any area you want to get good at for personal growth success.  Just work on them daily over time until they become second nature.  Be prepared to put in the continuous efforts required to make new habits and skills stick.

Here’s the new episode of Motivational WebTV featuring my acoustic guitar playing for your added entertainment.  Hope you like it.

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If you have recently been successful in making a new habit or skill second nature, please feel free to share below.

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