Brian Tracy Self Development Books Review – Motivational WebTV #49

Self Development Books Review

Today I’m going to do my service as a reporter of a really excellent self development resource for you.  Not only do I write about self development in articles and my own book ‘The Life Champion In You‘, I also read a lot of self development books by other authors too.  Since one of the suggestions that I had from my survey about my Motivational WebTV series earlier this year was to provide more resources, I thought that I would do this during this new episode with one of my recommendations.

Brian Tracy, a long time guru in business and self development, is a name that you will see on a regular basis here in my blog.  Quite a few of his quotes are used in my daily words of motivation at my Facebook page.  I’ve had the honour of catching him live at a talk during a conference I attended in California a few years ago.

Million Dollar Habits By Brian Tracy

One of the best self development books you can ever read is ‘Million Dollar Habits’ by Brian Tracy.  It is not just a book about creating wealth, but is also a treasure chest of excellent self development tips for your life.  In my latest Motivational WebTV episode, I do a quick review of this book.

Share Self Development Tips

For more info on Million Dollar Habits and where you can get it as well as other resources on him, see Brian Tracy.

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If you missed my last video about how personal development changes vacations, make sure you catch it since it is a topic that really makes you think about life.

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