Personal Improvement Changes Vacations – Motivational WebTV #48

Personal Improvement Changes Vacations

You might have two to four weeks of vacation time each year.  If you just can’t wait until they come around so you can escape from your day to day life of the same old grind, you should realize that active personal improvement can change vacations and your approach on them.

You may have a job that you don’t like or could be tired of daily commuting. You might have a boring after work life and weekends are just filled with chores. Of course such a lifestyle description might be extreme but many people out there do live like this and need that escape.

Seth Godin said the following;

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”

I totally agree with this since we have the flexibility to live the lives we really want as long as we are willing to make the necessary changes to get there. We can change many aspects of our lives including our work and after work life if we have the commitment to do so.  Personal improvement starts from your level of commitment.

For example, if you hate your work, you can move to another field.  If you are not qualified to do so, a personal improvement plan to invest in yourself to get qualified is in order.  This would be a test of your commitment.

Here is the video that presents the fact that active personal improvement changes how you view vacations.

Personal Improvement With Life Balance

This is all closely related to the life balance concept that I presented in my episode about play in your personal development.  If you missed this previous video, go and see it via the link because the concept is extremely imporant as it relates to what we are discussing now (plus there is some nice snow skiing video footage there to watch!).

Designing the life that you really want to live so that you don’t need to escape from it along with life balance go hand in hand together.  An ideal life does have balance.  Vacations are great and yes, you should still take them for balance and education if you travel to an interesting destination.  However, when you are living an ideal life, you don’t specifically need vacations to escape from anything.  This is how personal improvement changes vacations.

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  • Maria

    Thanks Clint for yet another inspiring video .While I was listening I needed to adapt it to my circumstances ; being a carer & dealing with my own health problems which make a holiday a non event .
    Adding play & living as much as possible a balanced life ; with play being a necessity as well as a good sense of humour .
    Must mention having a four-legged furry friend who comes to you with a ball & with eyes that beg you to come & play is a great way to add fun to anyone’s day !!

  • Thanks for watching Maria. Dog lovers should check out my dog site at for training tips and entertaining videos featuring my own two dogs Chester and Roxie.