Motivational Speaker On World Martial Arts Magazine Front Cover

Canadian Motivational Speaker

I’m probably the first Canadian motivational speaker and self help books author to make it on the front cover of  World Martial Arts magazine as I’m on their new winter issue.  This coincides with my new current personal branding and position as the only karate world champion motivational speaker who helps people achieve personal development success.  In fact, this branding statement is now on my home page of my official website.

I started my competitive career in martial arts in 1985 which was years after actually starting martial arts training since I really didn’t catch the competition bug until later in life.  But this competitive career lasted a long time as I just retired about two years ago.

A Different Martial Arts Future For Motivational Speaker

Instead of opening a school or producing instructional videos like many former martial arts champions would usually do, I decided to go into a completely different future.  I became a self help books author and a professional motivational speaker.

Of course, martial arts are still dear to me and I do utilize various activities on stage with martial arts during all of my speaking engagements.  Predictably, these are quite entertaining for audiences whether there are any martial artists in the crowd or not.

I feel extremely honoured when the martial arts community recognizes my efforts to help others with this front cover from World Martial Arts Magazine as an example.

My website has more information on my martial arts background and there are a few episodes of my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV series that has martial arts content in them.

It’s also at my motivational speaker website where people can get a free World Champion Personal Growth Guide (but you can also access it through the sidebar of this blog or at my Motivation Facebook page under the Free Stuff tab)

clint cora martial arts magazine canadian motivational speaker

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