Working On Personal Development Skills

Weekend Personal Development Skills

It’s a long weekend up here in Ontario (Family Day weekend) and I’m organizing a quick ski trip to the Laurentians area of Quebec for a group of about ten people.  Although everyone will be obviously off work for the long weekend and having fun during our trip, they might not be aware that they will actually be working on some of their personal development skills.

The ski hills in Ontario are generally shorter and much smaller than the ones out in Quebec.  So suddenly my group will find themselves on longer and steeper ski slopes at Mt Tremblant and Mt Olympia (the two ski resorts we will be visiting) compared to what they usually ski here in Ontario.  Since most of these folks will also take in my ski training session, I’m going to be pushing them a bit to go expand their comfort zones on the ski slopes.

My Own Personal Development Skills Development

Of course, I will be working on my own personal development skills in terms of my own ski improvement since the runs there will also be more challenging for me compared to what I train on here in Ontario.  Then there’s also the skills required to organize a slightly larger ski class than usual and at a larger ski area.  These all contribute to personal development skills.

What about you for the weekend?  Just because you might be off work doesn’t mean that you can’t work on your own personal development skills during the weekends.  And it can be lots of fun too because skills development doesn’t have to be all work related.  A great example is the ski trip for my group this weekend.

Can you think of some activities that you can do this weekend that you normally don’t have time for during the week but can still contribute to your own personal devleopment skills?  Can you find areas to improve upon which will help you grow as a person during the weekend?

These are things to really think about and don’t forget, such activities do not have to be all work.  Just make them fun much like what my group will be doing in Quebec this weekend.  Oh, and if you would like to get caught up on my past episodes of Motivational WebTV, see my motivational videos tv archive.

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