Women Plus Children Help In Managing Diversity – WebTV #52

Managing Diversity

I went to Hawaii a long time ago but don’t remember anything because I was only about one and a half.  I do plan to return one day but in the meantime, I get to experience Hawaiian culture each year here locally.  This is related to diversity, a topic that is becoming important in corporate business circles these days.  I came to a realization about managing diversity this year.  I came back from another weekend at our big multicultural festival called Carassauga here in my hometown of Mississauga, Ontario.

If you missed the awesome video highlights from last year, catch it at Multicultural Festival Video as it is definitely an entertaining compilation of the different pavillions.  That video was episode #11 which seemed like such a long time ago now that we are at episode #52 today.

For this year, I focused my video on the female dancers and for a specific reason (in addition to the fact that I’m a red blooded male).  I believe that it’s the women and to some extent, the children who will lead the way to help the rest of us in managing diversity.  They will be the ones from their respective cultures who will make us more open to the different cultures of the world.

Women And Children Make Us More Open

Maybe I’m just speaking from a man’s point of view but all I know is that everytime I see women from different cultures perform their cultural dances, I always feel much more open to exploring their cultures.  I think they help us open up to new ways and therefore help us in managing diversity in our world.

In this current episode of Motivational WebTV, I shot some great video footage of the dancers, including some really cute little girls (youngsters) doing various cultural dances from Hawaii, New Zealand and Polynesia.  These performances are from the Hawaii pavillion at Carassauga which usually ends up as an annual favourite among festival attendees.

Here is the video.

Do Women And Children Lead The Way In Managing Diversity?

So you know my viewpoint on this.  But again, maybe it’s because I’m a guy.  What do you think?  Do you think that women and children lead the way in managing diversity?  Feel free to enter your comments below.

If you know others who would like this entertaining video with the beautiful Hawaiian dancers, please share it with them.  Maybe they can use some help in managing diversity too and this would be such a great way to help them!

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The talented dancers and musicians in this video were from a group called Hawaiian Pacific Magic based in Toronto, Canada.  I’ve seen there shows quite a few times and if you ever want to book them for a show, get in touch with them.  They also provide lessons on Polynesian style dancing as well.

Don’t forget to leave any comments below.

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  • Roslyn

    Wonderful costumes and dancing – all ages.

    It is refreshing to see a way of life and entertainment which is ensuring their culture will remain in their world and others. The youngsters appear to be enjoying themselves while learning the art of the nationality and country.

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. I did visit Hawaii and visited the cultural centre which showed the various ethnic tribes. So many different ways of dress and dance.


  • Tinku

    You may be right Clint about women and children leading the way towards diversity, but I think anyone that is open minded is receptive to other cultures, regardless of sex. With alot of mixed-married couples, it seems the man has to adapt more to the wife’s culture rather than the other way around. In other words, I believe it is the women that carry the culture to the next generation.

  • Kata

    Hi Clint,

    I like all your motivational web tv episodes, they are all interesting and most of them show a different point of view that I haven’t thought about before. I am very glad I came across your website a while ago. I live in Budapest, Hungary, pretty far from Ontario … 🙂
    I agree with your feelings about dance, I think many cultures are presented and represented by women and children around the world. Just thinking about huge dance festivals, folk dance festivals and so on. They really open a new world for people interested in different cultures.


  • Thanks for your comment Kata and watching Motivational WebTV all the way from Hungary! If you know others there who might find these videos helpful, please let them know about them.