Will Tie In California Beach To Self Help Personal Management

#california #selfhelp  — I came back late last night from my southern California mini speaking tour.  Almost missed my first flight from LAX to Baltimore with one minute before they closed the gate since the hotel messed up airport shuttle schedules.  But both myself and my luggage made it on.  After the usual crappy airport meal, I caught my connecting flight back to Toronto.  I did spend some time in transit to review video footage I shot while in the San Diego area and believe it or not, I’m going to be able to tie in the California beach to self help personal management principles.

In fact, one full episode for Clint Cora Motivational WebTV is already edited and ready to go but it will be another month before it will be released since there are other episodes in line waiting to be launched.  I usually like to have at least two full episodes ahead of schedule these days.  In the meantime, below is a screenshot from the future episode with the Pacific coastline.

I also took extensive video footage of the USS Midway aircraft carrier which has since been turned into a floating museum in San Diego.  Again, I will tie this into an interesting self help personal management topic in yet another future episode.

It’s too bad that I didn’t bring cameras or camcorders across the border to Tijuana, Mexico where I was for an afternoon.  I was hesitant to bring any gear due to safety concerns but looks like I would have been able to after all since during the daytime, there were lots of pedestrians everywhere.  Too bad as I would have been able to turn some interesting shots into yet another episode of Motivational WebTV, maybe with a diversity angle.

The next main item of self help personal management will be the July issue of my Motivational Quotes Success Newsletter which I did write while in California this past week.  Make sure that you sign up as a free subscriber at the blog sidebar or the Free Stuff tab on my Facebook Motivational page in order to get it at the beginning of July.

california beach self help personal management

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