Will Expand My Personal Growth Comfort Zone In Cuba

#personalgrowth #cuba  — I just booked an ambitious travel itinerary for my trip to Cuba next week.  I’m staying with a Cuban family for my first two nights in Havana.  Then catching a five hour ride to the western tip of the island to scuba dive in an isolated biosphere called Maria la Gorda for a few days before returning back to Havana to speak at an International Edutourism conference.   I will certainly be expanding my own personal growth comfort zone since this intinerary is definitely not your usual tourist beach resort vacation.

I figure that if I’m going all the way down there for a speaking event, I might as well spend a few extra days and take in the local culture as well as scuba dive at the best location in the island.  But of course to get the most out of my experience, I will have to go the route where things are not as ‘safe’ as most touristy destinations are.  I will not be hanging out with only other English speaking tourists.  I’m going to try to interact with the locals and since my Spanish is limited to several phrases, this will be a challenge.

Such challenges are however, the most rewarding in terms of personal growth.  But in order to get this type of growth, one must expand one’s comfort zone.  This is going to be an adventure so I will also bring down my camcorder and get some video footage for upcoming episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV.

I think this trip will result in some awesome video footage especially since Cuba is still technically off limits for most Americans (and I have a lot of American viewers and readers).  It will be like a glimpse into something that is a bit forbidden.

I look forward to this trip, its experiences and the resulting video footage I bring back.  You will see where I expand my own comfort zone as I am somebody who practises what I preach for personal growth.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Borizio

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