Wheelchair Athlete In Paralympics Sport Sledge Hockey – Motivational WebTV #43

Paralympics Sport Sledge Hockey

Ready to get inspired in a big way?  Well today you are about to.  This is an episode of Motivational WebTV that I’ve wanted to shoot for about a year now.  It’s an exclusive interview with a local wheelchair athlete who plays a Paralympics sport called sledge hockey.  Sledge hockey is a version of ice hockey that disabled athletes play and if you think for a moment that it must be tame, better think again!

Tough Paralympics Sport

This Paralympics sport is tough.  The sledge hockey players as you will shortly see in the video footage of some action on the ice, hit each other full contact much like they do in standard ice hockey.  The hits are real and hard as you will see.  These are tough guys on the ice.

When you see this video, I’m pretty sure that you will have a lot of respect for these disabled athletes and what they can do in the rink.  I for one, certainly would not want to be on the ice with them if they hit me full contact like that.

Wheelchair Athlete Interview

I also interview a veteran sledge hockey player, Nawid Razvi of Mississauga, Ontario here in this episode of Motivational WebTV.  He is one of the long time players of this sport and it’s a very inspiring interview as we hear about his disability, how he got into sledge hockey and what the sport involves.

Here’s the episode of Motivational WebTV featuring the Paralympics sport sledge hockey and my interview with the veteran wheelchair athlete.

I’m pretty sure that this video must have inspired you somewhat.  How can it not when you see this group of disabled wheelchair athletes do what they do on ice?  If you know others who would like this video, please share it with them.  There are buttons on the blog post to easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and by email.  All past episodes are at my Motivational WebTV Archive.

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  • Rajendra

    Really inspiretional…

  • I’m sad to report to all that Nawid Razvi, the inspiration for this interview, passed away in May, 2013. I hope that his interview here will continue to inspire all as we miss him.