What Is Cultural Diversity Training Through Art – Motivational WebTV #18

What Is Cultural Diversity Training

Did you know that the art hanging in your walls can actually be source of cultural diversity?  Diversity is a topic that many businesses and corporations have been very keen on since many staff as well as customer bases are now from many different cultures.  So recognizing different ways to exposure yourself to diversity will be helpful to help you develop appreciation for this concept.  In this episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV, yours truly talks about what is cultural diversity training through art. This is one of the ways that I had originally been turned onto the world of diversity and made me want to explore other cultures around me.

I got interested in some beautiful artwork of certain cultures and in turn, became interested in the cultures behind the art. This is why art is an excellent route to explore what is cultural diversity.

Becoming well versed in diversity skills which help you in becoming effective with people from all sorts of cultures and diversity groups is now considered an important component in achieving success in today’s diverse environment. Art and food (as shown in a previous Motivational WebTV episode about Chinese food) are both effective and fun ways to increase diversity awareness.

Cultural Diversity Training On Video

In this new Motivational WebTV episode, I also take you on a tour of some of the art in my personal collection at home which includes pieces from several different cultures. Here is this unique video to show you what is cultural diversity training in a fun way below.

You will notice that I have quite a lot of Native Aboriginal and Inuit art in my collection.  I’m a huge fan of these genres of art.  If you have never seen much of these types of cultural art before but are intrigued by their styles, you can be more exposed to them by visiting either a separate Native art Facebook page I set up or a Native art blog I also run.  I even offer two different ebooks on native art for free on those sites.

I hope you enjoy this episode and maybe it might spark an interest in ethnic art and what is cultural diversity in general in you as well.  Feel free to comment on this video as well as any of the artwork shown here.  Just comment below or at the Motivation Facebook page where I hope you will hit the Like button.

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  • Hello Clint, wow, wow, wow. I love your artwork. I thought we had a lot but you have more and such a variety. Beautiful pieces. I noticed the paintings are hung on walls with accentuating colours. The blue wall has a piece with blue in it, etc. Gorgeous!

    I also have a couple of sculptures. One i bought when I was in Rankin Inlet and one my brother brought back to me from Tuktoyutuk. We have moe native art than non-native art but most are prints. Beautifully framed prints none-the-less. Our friends admire our art when they are over.

    Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am. Thanks, Patricia

  • Thanks Patricia. Hey, if you have any native art and you have a Facebook account, I have a Native & Inuit Art Facebook page that people can post photos on. The community there would love to see your pieces I’m sure. That page is at http://www.facebook.com/nativeinuitart