Unique Among Toronto Motivational Speakers

#toronto #motivationalspeaker —  One of the things that make me unique among Toronto motivational speakers or Canadian motivational speakers (maybe we can even say global motivational speakers) is that I will probably always have a martial arts weaponry component during my live talks.

It was a natural thing to do since martial arts weaponry is such a big part of my life.  Martial arts weapons in general seem to be able to dazzle audiences much more than just martial arts without them for some reason so I will definitely utilize them as much as possible.

Fortunately, I can use them in ways that it’s not just for show.  I use them in strategic parts of my talks where they can help illustrate key important principles for achieving life success.

I , Clint Cora, am the only one who has to lug around long martial arts weaponry with me to talks.  No other Toronto motivational speakers have to carry such items around but that’s okay because this is what helps set me apart and more importantly, it helps to keep my audiences entertained.

Audiences around southern Ontario whether it’s a company, professional association or community service club have been seeing me carry my blue bag which holds my martial arts weaponry around, sometimes mistaking them for pool cues or fishing rods until I take the actual weapons out of the bag.

If you see an Asian guy wearing a suit carrying around a long blue bag in and around the greater Toronto area, that’s probably me going to another live speaking event with my trusty props.  You won’t find any other Toronto motivational speakers like that walking around.

So if your group is thinking of bringing in Toronto motivational speakers and would like the added bonus of a guy swinging his martial arts weaponry around on stage, call me up and maybe yours truly, Clint Cora, will be coming to your meeting with a long blue bag.

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