Two Piece Karate Bo Staff

I ordered a two piece karate bo staff and it was delivered late last week. Since I do use my bo staff for my motivational keynote speech, instead of having to carry a long bo around with me all the time, I was looking for a better alternative. This is especially true for any future speaking engagements that I do which involve getting on an airplane. I’ve had to pack my bo staffs in a special oversize container for travel and sometimes, it hasn’t arrived at my destination on time.

Of course, I don’t want this anxiety when I travel to do my motivational keynote speeches so this is why I chose to order a two piece bo which can be packed in a standard size suitcase when the pieces are apart. I won’t have to bother with the oversize container that I have used for so many years. Interestingly enough, I’ll probably use this two piece bo only for motivational keynote speeches as I’ll stick to my regular bo staffs for competition.

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