TV Cameras Were Rolling At Professional Keynote Speaker Talk

Professional Keynote Speaker Talk Taped

I was the featured guest professional keynote speaker today at the Probus Club of Cooksville and unlike the other similar talks I’ve been doing recently, there was some extra planning involved with this event since Rogers TV was present.  They had two TV cameras rolling for the entire keynote presentation.

I did about a 50 minute version of my ‘The Life Champion In You’ motivational keynote complete with entertaining slides on Powerpoint and intro martial arts video for this group of about 70 people in the audience.  It was a great success as everyone had a great time at my talk and book/CD sales were brisk.  I actually sold out of the CDs that I brought which surprised me since most Probus audiences in the past have not been too keen on audio, preferring to go straight to the book format.

Professional Keynote Speaker On TV

Now the big question is when will Rogers actually air the show?  We don’t know at this point and when they do air it, the only geographical region that will have access to the program will be quite limited to the Peel region.  We are looking into the possibility that the entire show might be put online for my international as well as Canadian viewers who won’t have access to the show when it officially airs.

Since the TV stations have much better camera equipment than I do, I’m expecting the quality of the video to be much better than anything I’ve put out in the past.  This will be a chance for everyone to see my professional keynote speaker motivational talk, or at least some of it, on TV with superior sound and video.

I will of course keep everyone posted on the developments of this project and I certainly hope that the show will be available to everyone globally who wants to see it.

professional keynote speaker motivational keynote speaker tv
Creative Commons License photo credit: ColumbusCameraOp

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