Toronto Youth Motivational Speakers

Toronto Youth Motivational Speakers

Since the summer season will likely be another full season of various student and youth conferences, this will be the right time to plan ahead.  If you are involved in a youth event or meeting of some kind this summer, especially in the greater Toronto area, and you need youth motivational speakers, I will be available for your group if scheduling permits.  I’ve already been scheduled to speak at my first youth meeting of the season in May.

I have a totally separate presentation just for the youth and teens age groups.  This high energy speaking program covers a lot of the skills in motivation, diversity (which is very important these days with this age group) and leadership.  These skills will help prepare youth for their futures not only in say their college years but beyond when they eventually start their working careers.

Martial Arts Youth Motivational Speakers

I am the only Karate World Champion who can contribute for your event’s youth motivational speakers lineup as the audience will not only be entertained but also educated in very important concepts illustrated by some martial arts.  The kids will have a lot of fun at my talks.

Even though my usual audiences are adults, I do enjoy being in the lineup of youth motivational speakers in such events because it gives me a chance to positively impact the younger generation.  If I can help students and youth move away from crime and violence, it helps the whole community.  If I can expose them to success principles that will enable them to achieve their goals earlier in life, then it would be a privilege to do so.

Separate Youth Motivational Speakers Information

I feel so strong about helping youth out that I have created a separate youth motivational speaker information webpage for youth event organizers.  This is an area that I will remain active in if requested by the community.  If you are part of an organization that plans such events for youth, check out this webpage for more details on how I could be of help.

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