Toronto Sales Executive Comments On Personal Success Book

#sales #toronto #personalsuccess #success — Here is Toronto sales executive Rob Belsby commenting on video about my personal success book, The Life Champion In You.

Corporate sales is a field where one can be very successful in and enjoy a lucrative career. However, it is also a field where people need to be constantly motivated because of the degree of rejection that can come from corporate customers on a daily basis.

This is why personal success and motivational principles are so important in the corporate sales world as top sales people know who to keep themselves motivated on a regular basis.

In this short video clip, you will hear Rob mention how easy it was to read my book and the importance of making comprehensive decisions. You will also hear him talk about overcoming obstacles which is a key element in any sales career.

I mentioned to Rob about the existence of a 60 page Action Planner Guide that comes with my full day personal success planning seminar. He indicated to me that he would like to see that guide available as a separate product for those who cannot attend a full day seminar. This is certainly food for thought as I will put it into consideration as my original plans for this item was only to provide as free materials included for all seminar attendees.

This full day seminar as well as the shorter one hour keynote based on The Life Champion In You is available to all companies and associations.  They are particularly well suited for corporate sales audiences especially given the fact that I was in corporate sales for many years myself – see my background.

So enjoy the video below to hear what Rob has to say on my personal success book.  If you are also somebody who has already read my book and would like to offer some comments, please feel free to do so at the comments section below or at my Motivation Facebook page.

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