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Toronto is the biggest conference town in Canada with several very large facilities. Even many international groups and associations have their annual meetings here in Toronto. Many big conferences are starting to be announced for 2010. Any Toronto area conferences that could use a motivational speaker or diversity speaker should consider the services of Karate World Champion Clint Cora. Not only is he an award-winning speaker, travel costs to get Clint in for a Toronto area conference is zero. No hotel rooms or flights required to bring in Clint Cora since he lives in the Toronto area. See more info on Toronto conference speakers.

Worldwide Availability Conference Speakers

Of course, Clint is available on a worldwide basis if your event requires conference speakers.  He flies out of Toronto, Canada which is a major international airport location accessible anywhere in the world for your event.  Clint is one of the easiest conference speakers you will ever work with.  He can make his travel costs on a flat fee basis so accounting will be as simple as possible for your group.  He can arrange all of his travel related costs and requirements if you should so desire.

For more details on his talks, see his Speaking Programs section at his website.

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