Top Motivational Speakers According To Karate World Champion

Top Motivational Speakers

As a motivational speaker, it’s only natural that I’ve been highly inspired by other top motivational speakers.  So today, I’m going to reveal to my readers who the top motivational speakers are in my mind as far as having great impact on me.

First Top Motivational Speaker

In no particular order, I do have two such top motivational speakers.  I will identify the first one since he was the first motivational speaker I was ever exposed to.  This person is no other than Les Brown.

I saw an promotional thing about Les Brown coming to Toronto one year as part of a Learning Annex program if I remember correctly.  It was to be held in a lecture hall that I’ve had one of my university courses in at the University of Toronto and since I was living in downtown Toronto at that time, it was quite convenient for me.

I’ve never seen a motivational speaker before and I just thought that this might be something different to do one night.  I knew nothing about Les Brown but decided to go based upon some of the success principles he will be teaching.

At the talk, I was extremely motivated especially by his messages about avoiding toxic people which is something that I advocate in my own talks as a motivational speaker today.

Second Top Motivational Speaker

The other individual from my top motivational speakers list is Anthony Robbins.  I’ve seen his books in the library as well as bookstores.  I think I also saw some ads somewhere for his audio programs so one day I decided to get his Unlimited Power cassette program.  I don’t remember where I got it but I think it was on special.

This audio program blew me away as it taught me some very important principles for success.  I went on to read some of his books and one of the main lessons I’ve learn from Anthony Robbins is that your past does not equal your future.  This is totally relevent in my life and I featured this principle in an episode of Motivational WebTV.

So there you have it – my top motivational speakers in my mind.  Of course there are other great speakers but Les Brown and Anthony Robbins have had the most impact on my life so far.

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