Toastmasters Magazine Motivational Speaker Article

#toastmasters #motivationalspeaker #publicspeaking  —  Toastmasters International is the world’s largest non-profit organization in helping individuals in the development of public speaking skills.  It has about 260,000 members in over 113 different countries around the world.  In their October 2010 issue of Toastmaster magazine, they did a motivational speaker profile article on me.

I’ve been involved with Toastmasters International since 2006.  Although I’m no longer as active with the organization anymore due to time constraints, I do highly recommend Toastmasters for anybody who is looking to improve public speaking, communications skills.  They also have a leadership skills development program as well.

Since it is non-profit, the price of membership is certainly right at about $10 per month average for many clubs.  Check their website out at Toastmasters International.  I suggest using that website to locate clubs that are in your area and then go out and check out a few.  All clubs are slightly different in terms of atmosphere although they all follow the same general program.  Consider joining the one that suits you the best.

Whenever I travel on business as a motivational speaker or pleasure, I try to drop in at local Toastmasters clubs around the world if I have free time.  I’ve spoken at clubs in Ireland, Germany, the USA as well as different parts of Canada.  I’ve been to over 75 different Toastmasters clubs worldwide and have presented workshops at four different district conferences.  I will likely continue this in my future travels as I find the Toastmasters organization to be quite good for networking as well.

In any case, here is the two page article from Toastmaster magazine.

If you have any comments about it, feel free to leave them here or at my Motivation Facebook page.  There are actually quite a lot of Toastmasters members who have connected with me on Facebook.  Feel free to do the same whether you are a member of Toastmasters or not.

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